The Museum für Zeichnung edition

Discover, linger, create your own new references, this intention of the Museum für Zeichnung shows up again in the edition, which will be published at the end of July.

In the box covered with turquoise linen, a collection has been compiled especially for this purpose, which consists of original drawings, printed matter, and CDs from up to six different men and women drawers, whereby the participation of ten artists has been planned. The contents of the box grow with the number of works by the artists. Those who purchase the edition will receive things that are yet to come, much along the lines of the Brockhaus Encyclopedia principle.
To date the following artists are taking part:
Martin Assig with an original drawing and postcards.
Monika Bartholomé with booklets and postcards.
Claudia Busching with a film and postcards.
Nanne Meyer with an original drawing and postcards.
Volker Saul with a booklet and a sound CD.
Eva-Maria Schön with an original drawing and postcards.

The edition is limited to 30, whereby only 20 will be made available for sale. Until the end of August 2017, the boxes are being offered for a subscription price of 900 €.
Proceeds will go to finance the Museum für Zeichnung Project.